She Wants – Online Study Guide


This virtual study guide for the print version of She Wants A Loving Female Led Relationship – FLR Guidebook is presented online for readers who prefer to use digital products and courses.


This course presents the complete textbook She Wants– A Loving Female Led Relationship in an online format that is perfect for students who prefer a more visual presentation.

This course consists of a screen version of the print textbook with added information that is not included in the print version. This is NOT a pdf download. The complete text content for She Wants is presented on the screen and can not be downloaded.


She Wants – Online Study Guide offers:

  • A video WELCOME message from the author
  • Each of the 8 Chapters in She Wants as individual lessons for the student to read online
  • An interactive multiple choice review quiz for each chapter
  • A writing assignment for each chapter that fosters a deeper understanding of each chapter
  • A personal challenge for each chapter to encourage active practice of the lessons presented




After the payment has been processed, registration information will be sent to the email address associated with the payment.

There is no time limit for completing the course. The student will always have access to the course as long as the platform exists.

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