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Discuss your FLR concerns privately.

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Are you ready for Female Led Relationship EDUCATION?

The Publisher of Loving FLR.Com and the founder of Female Led Society offers you PRIVATE Access to have all of your FLR related questions answered.

Receive PRIVATE Guidance by Email. We will correspond back and forth. I will send questions, reply to your concerns and give you exercises to help you to figure out how you are feeling and move forward. I will pay attention to your concerns and give access to relevant online FLR Courses if needed, at no additional charge.

FLR Coaching By Email is best if you:

  • Are a very busy professional who would like to discuss FLR but your schedule is unpredictable. You can respond at your leisure.
  • Are shy and nervous about talking to someone about FLRs.
  • Have a language barrier because English is not your first language. You can translate our written conversations.
  • Want to discuss or debate Female Led Relationships with an expert who has had access to hundreds of FLR singles and couples.
  • Are a couple who want to complete FLR exercises and discussions together.
  • Are looking for someone you can trust with your biggest FLR secrets and concerns.


This Coaching Program is a private, very concise and stimulating way to gain the peace of mind you are seeking about ANY issues related to Female Led Relationships.

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1 FLR Question, 4 FLR Questions/Concerns


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