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Are you ready for a Loving Female Led Relationship?


Join The FLR Matchmaking Service to be introduced to singles like you who sincerely want a FLR.

Your New Beginning

After the successful completion of the 4 Week Matchmaking Service Coaching Program, clients will be automatically enrolled in the Premium Matchmaking Program. Each candidate will receive 1 match during the first month of the program.

Each match is personally vetted and selected by the Loving FLR Matchmaker. Geography, interests and personality traits are all factors that are considered based on information gleaned from dating profiles each participant must submit.

The FLR Matchmaker will arrange a date with the matches to meet through a private online meeting room. This meeting will not be recorded.

After the introduction meeting both participants will be invited to complete a friendly recap questionnaire about their interaction. These recap questionnaires are private and will never be publicly posted or shared with anyone, not even the participants.

These evaluations are not to be seen as judgments, but as healthy feedback for pursuing future dating options and will allow the Loving FLR Matchmaker to make more accurate matches in the future. At the end of the recap questionnaire, participants may opt to meet again or rematch.

Your registration fee allows access to the FLR Matchmaking Services. You can relax while we do the work of searching for more suitable matches, according to your preferences. We will reach out to you if we believe we have a good match for you so you won’t have to waste time and energy wading through potential matches. The fee for additional matches is listed under MATCH ME in the payment options tab. DO NOT select the MATCH ME option until after you have registered for the program.

ALL Premium Members must be willing to participate in long distance dating and must be willing to travel to date at their own expense, if they meet someone they are interested in.

Federal Background Checks are required for all candidates enrolled in the Matchmaking Program. No violent or sexual offenders allowed. Background check fees are included in the service fee. No additional charges will be applied.

Failure to successfully complete the required assignments during the Loving FLR Coaching Programs, demonstrating aggressive behavior or not honoring commitments may result in immediate dismissal. There are no refunds at any time for any reason. Dismissal is at the discretion of the Matchmaker and may not be contested.

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FLR Dating Roster, FLR PREMIUM Matchmaking – For Men, FLR PREMIUM Matchmaking – For Women


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