Becoming a Gentleman in a FLR – LIVE WEBINAR


Becoming a Gentleman LIVE WEBINAR:

Saturday, December 21st at 9 pm Eastern


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Are you ready to become a Gentleman?

Saturday, December 21st at 9 pm Eastern

Men with high standards who want to STOP BEING SELFISH, upgrade their service and release their passionate love for the women in their lives should attend this LIVE WEBINAR.

What do you REALLY want to learn more about when it comes to creating and sustaining a Loving FLR?

Express your biggest concern before the webinar and have your answer presented to you LIVE by the Publisher of LovingFLR.Com during the LIVE WEBINAR.

Learn How To:

  • Become a perfect Gentleman
  • Identify what is holding you back from creating a Loving FLR
  • Ensure that your partner is the happiest woman alive
  • Stop being so selfish
  • Introduce your partner to her leadership abilities
  • Stop sabotaging your relationships
  • Identify potential partners around you
  • Become more confident in your search for a Loving FLR



Presented by the author of:

This webinar offers Online Access to educational information from the EXPERT on Loving FLRs, access to our BEST SELLING online courses.

This course is PERFECT for intelligent men who want to learn more about FLRs but have busy schedules. Access the educational tools at your convenience and get real time feedback and support.

Webinar registration includes:

  • Access to the How to Love a Powerful Woman Book  Online Course ($47 value)
  • Access to The Enlightened Submissive Book Online Course ($47 value)


  • Students will tune in to the live webinar via Zoom platform.
  • Your privacy is always protected.
  • Ask questions LIVE via chat.
  • You are not required to participate via webcam.
  • Webinar presentation will be recorded and can be accessed later privately if you miss the presentation.






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