She Wants – FLR Guidebook For Women


SHE WANTS A Loving Female Led Relationship is the go to guide for the woman who is ready to establish the relationship of her dreams. SHE has no limits. SHE has no boundaries. SHE can truly realize her relationship goals by learning how to become the woman she has always wanted to be and then attracting the respect and admiration of the man she chooses.

This book is currently offered on AMAZON.


This 189 page print book is currently offered on AMAZON.

SHE WANTS is the textbook that guides students through the FLR Leadership Coaching Program For Women.

This textbook consists of 8 chapters of important lessons for women establishing leadership in their lives and relationships, a study guide with chapter review questions and writing assignments as well as a Frequently Asked Question section and Glossary of common terms.

This textbook is required for all female Coaching Students.


SHE WANTS teaches women how to:

  • Establish a healthy self image
  • Create a vision for what they want their relationship to become
  • Understand which type of leadership style best suits her
  • Structure her Female Led Relationship so that it is beneficial to the couple
  • Explore Femdom and its benefits and drawbacks
  • Understand how the emergence of Female Led Relationships will impact society
  • Demand more from their romantic relationships
  • Use her sexuality to entice and induce compliance from men
  • Recognize a man who is worthy of a Female Led Relationship
  • Lead without questioning her abilities
  • Be proud of who she is at every given moment

SHE WANTS offers the most important lessons presented by Te-Erika “Queenie” Patterson during the Female Led Relationship Coaching Program For Women. The reader will benefit from reading true stories from real couples in FLRs as well as sage wisdom from women leading FLRs today.


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