$100.00 / month with a sign-up fee of $50.00

The TASKS for MEN Coaching Program only accepts men of EXCELLENCE.

If you cannot complete the task you will be removed from the program immediately.

Are you a man of EXCELLENCE?

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Are you ready for the challenge of being tasked by a Powerful Woman?

Are you an efficient and capable Assistant?

Can you do research, write letters, proofread, post to social media, make phone calls, do graphic design, learn new skills, give intelligent feedback on important projects or otherwise be ready to be TASKED at any time?

This program is ONLY for men of excellence who are self directed overachievers who enjoy completing tasks with limited supervision.


As someone who has worked for Ms.Patterson, I can personally vouch for her leadership skills. She is demanding, and can be severe, but always with good reason and a valid purpose, in my experience. I learned an immense amount from her, and her corrections made me better. I encourage men to work with her if you have truly useful skills, the time to devote to the effort, and are strong enough for the challenge. ~Robert

The TASKS for MEN Coaching Program offers men of EXCELLENCE the opportunity to complete tasks for Powerful Women. You will be held to a high standard. You will be given deadlines. You will be challenged to do things that you may not know how to do…yet.

Are you up for the challenge?

How It Works

💎After registration you will complete a skills application that will let our team know which skills you have.

💎You will receive notification by email from our team within 24 hours giving you CHOICES for your first assignment.

💎Once you choose your first assignment and deadline, you will complete the project on your own.

💎Your assignment must be turned in on or before your deadline in order to remain in the Coaching Program and receive a new assignment. Your next assignment will NOT be your choice.

💎If your assignment is late you are dismissed from the Coaching Program with no exceptions.

💎You will receive written acknowledgement and feedback on the quality of the task you have completed.

💎You will receive between 2 and 4 assignments per month.

💎Assignments will come from the Founder of Female Led Society or one of the many Powerful Women in her circle.

💎You may opt to remain in the TASKS for Men Coaching Program for as long as you wish to. There is a registration fee and a monthly subscription plan. Your card will NOT be automatically billed. You will receive a reminder to pay when your month is over. You may opt out at any time.

Learn How To:

  • Follow directions
  • Be efficient
  • Please a Powerful Woman


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Flaunt Your FLR

Show your pride in your relationship.