Set the Foundation for Your Loving FLR





Are you ready to set the foundation for your Loving Female Led Relationship?


Single Women will learn:

  • How to introduce the concept of a Loving FLR while dating
  • What to do when you have a natural desire to please your partner
  • What is the single trait that separates a Loving FLR from a typical relationship?
  • How to recognize his desires without being overpowered by them
  • How to stop feeling like you are being fake in your Loving FLR
  • How to recognize a good man for a Loving FLR
  • Why men want a Loving FLR and what they hope to get out of it
  • How to keep a man happy with a Loving FLR

Single Men will learn:

  • How to differentiate a real Loving FLR from a fantasy FLR
  • What’s stopping you from having a Loving FLR right now
  • How to become strong enough for a Powerful Woman
  • How to satisfy your desire to be controlled without using BDSM
  • How to tell a woman you want a Loving FLR without words
  • How to handle rejection from women
  • Controlling your ego in a Loving FLR

Couples will learn:

  • How to establish a Long Distance Loving FLR
  • The 3 basic rules for maintaining a Loving FLR
  • How to eliminate arguments and fighting in a Loving FLR
  • How to share your relationship with family and friends
  • How to show everyone publicly that you are proud of your Loving FLR
  • How to keep your Loving FLR fun, fresh and interesting
  • The number 1 trick to get your partner to participate in a Loving FLR
  • What are the rules for sex in a Loving FLR


Course presented by the author of She Wants and How to Love a Powerful Woman!




Q: How long is each lesson?

A: Each lesson is between 15 to 25 minutes long.

Q: Will this training be made public? Will anyone know that I participated?

A: No. This training is private and your identity is always private and protected.

Flaunt Your FLR

Show your pride in your relationship.