Intro to Loving FLR – FLR100

This course offers a brief, yet powerful overview of the key concepts and beliefs needed to create a Loving Female Led Relationship. This course was created for those curious about Loving Female Led Relationships and want concise answers about what it takes to create their own.


Do you or your partner have questions about Loving Female Led Relationships?


What is a Loving Female Led Relationship?

What does a Loving Female Led Relationship look like in public?

Is a man in a Loving Female Led Relationship considered to be weak?

How do we establish our roles in a Loving Female Led Relationship?

Are there certain rules for a Loving Female Led Relationship?

Do I have what it takes to participate in a Loving Female Led Relationship?

How will a Loving Female Led Relationship benefit my life?

Is there a simple way to start a Loving FLR?


This course includes:



Each Lesson includes:

  • A video presentation
  • An interactive quiz
  • Discussion questions

This course is designed for those who are curious about Loving Female Led Relationship and want a solid foundation for what it is and what it is not. At the completion of this course you will have an understanding of what it takes to create a Loving FLR.

You may take this course alone or with a partner. The quiz and discussion questions were created to provoke thoughtful discussion and introspection.

Q: Should I take this course or buy the book SHE WANTS, or both?

A: You should take the course and buy the book SHE WANTS.  This course is a brief overview of the information shared in the book SHE WANTS. If you are generally curious about what a Loving FLR is and what it is not and want to gain clarity about how to get started, this course is perfect for you. This course is designed for those who are visual learners and want the skinny in a hurry. With high energy presentations and photos and examples, you will feel as though you are in a classroom.

The book SHE WANTS takes the concept of Loving FLRs and goes into great detail about its components, taking much more time to digest but also providing more insight and guidance for the woman ready to stand up and become a Goddess. 

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