How to Raise Your Standards With Men – FLR300


This course offers every Gentleman the wisdom he needs to be a CONFIDENT asset to a Powerful Woman!

Join us for a 3 Day LIVE training! Access the training videos after the program at your leisure to review.


Do you want to learn how to ensure that a man wants to respect and support you?

I will be hosting 3 LIVE TRAININGS and Q&A Sessions

On Thursday, May 10th, Friday, May 11th and Saturday, May 12th at 9 pm Eastern

This 3 Day Intensive Training will help you to gain the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE you need to create the relationship you crave!

You will learn:

  • The Three Tenets of a Loving FLR
  • How to Recognize Your Power
  • How to Develop Confidence in Your Decisions
  • How to Establish Standards for Men

Each lesson includes:

  • A LIVE presentation
  • An oral quiz
  • Discussion questions

ASK the author of She Wants QUESTIONS during a LIVE Q&A each evening!



Q: How will we access the LIVE Trainings?

A: Access the LIVE Trainings through ZOOM, a webinar and conference platform. The meetings will be held privately.

Q: How long is each session?

A: Each lesson presented will take about 30 minutes and there will be a 30 minute time reserved for the Q&A. You are not required to attend both.

Q: If I cannot attend all of the trainings will I have access to watch them later?

A: Yes. All 3 of the training lessons will be recorded so that you may access them at any time. The Q&A portion of the training will not be recorded.

Q: Are any questions off limits?

A: No. This is your time to ask any question that you want with no objections.

Q: Can men attend the training?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Can we attend the training as a couple?

A: Sure. There will only be one log-in per couple so you will have to be in the same room to participate together.

Q: Will this training be made public? Will anyone know that I participated?

A: No. This training is private and your identity is always private and protected.

Q: Is there a class component or private group to join?

A: No, each student will log in at 9 PM Eastern and participate for the LIVE Trainings only.

Q: Do I have to participate on webcam or by voice?

A: No, you can use the chat function if you do not want to participate by voice. No one is required to participate by webcam.

Q: Will this particular training be offered LIVE again?

A: No, It won’t.






If there are any questions about this LIVE Training please reach out at Coaching[at]


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