FLR Matchmaking Service Application For Women


Join our Match Making Service to meet Gentlemen interested in developing Loving FLRs who have been vetted, coached and selected just for you!


Are you a woman who is ready to create your very own Loving Female Led Relationship with a Gentleman who has been chosen just for you?

Are you tired of battling for respect at home? Tired of wishing your partner would listen? Tired of always having to stand behind your partner instead of beside him?

Loving Female Led Relationships are the opposite of traditional relationships in that Loving Female Led Relationships empower the woman to take the lead.

He listens to what SHE WANTS.

He prides himself on pleasing HER.

He wants HER to shine more anything in the world.

He isn’t happy unless SHE is smiling and confident in the world.

Yes, there are men who believe that a woman’s happiness should be the priority in the relationship. These men are called Gentlemen and they will do whatever they can to ensure that the woman they love is satisfied.

Her job is to express what SHE WANTS and hold him accountable for supporting her decisions. He will. No hesitation. No questions asked. Because he trusts her and he knows that in return, SHE will make sure that they progress in life together.

Matchmaking Service

Loving FLR presents our very first FLR Matchmaking Service for singles looking for love and friendship.

Our Matching process is unique in that all participants are seeking the same type of relationship, a relationship where the primary focus is the woman’s happiness.

How It Works

Women who submit a GENERAL application for the Loving FLR Matchmaking Service will be interviewed and placed on a roster to be possibly matched with Gentleman seeking Loving FLRs. These men will have successfully completed our Loving FLR Coaching Program for Men and they are eager to establish a supportive relationship with a strong and capable woman.

Participants are matched based on information provided in a private dating profile and during the private interview.

Women who submit a GENERAL application are not guaranteed to be matched at any time. The application fee covers the interview and secures a place on the roster of women that we pull from when we have a new male candidate.

Women who want to be guaranteed matches with men who are a good fit for what they want may opt to pay the PREMIUM Matchmaking fee and receive the same effort for matches that the men receive. I will personally seek out men who fit the desires of the woman.

Congrats! You Match!

If a woman closely matches the desires of a Gentleman in our Service, a First Contact meeting is set for introductions via a private meeting room arranged by Loving FLR.

After the First Contact, both participants will provide a written recap of the meeting with feedback on their interactions and reactions.

After a First Contact, participants can opt to continue to communicate with their match by exchanging contact information, or be rematched.

Fees and Access

Women who join the Loving FLR Matchmaking program will offer an application fee of $49 which is good for lifetime access to the program.

As more men complete our Loving FLR Coaching Program for Men, the women in our program will be considered for a potential match. Women may opt out of the program at any time or choose to remain and stay connected as our Community grows.

Loving Female Led Relationships have not yet hit the mainstream but each day our program receives more interest, more subscribers and more people ready to learn about this groundbreaking love style.

We make no guarantees that there will be a perfect love match or that there will be a match in your immediate geographical area but we will do our best to connect you with the best Gentleman our Community has to offer. We want to share success stories and we hope you will be among them!

You never know, your future partner may have joined TODAY!

Sign up and start receiving the connections you have been dreaming of!


Email us at CoachingatLovingFLRdotCom with questions.

FLRStyle, LovingFLR.Com or its owners assume no liability for issues that may arise during meetings or connections. Your participation is voluntary. Please use discretion and proper safety procedures when connecting with people you do not know.


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