FLR Coaching for COUPLES


Do you need to have a private conversation about the direction your Loving Female Led Relationship is heading? Your peace of mind is important. You will be heard. You will be understood. You will receive loving guidance that will help to clarify your desires and settle your restlessness.

Book a private 1 hour session at your convenience with at least a 24 hour notice or register for the 4 Week Program with recurring sessions at your convenience.

It’s your turn to experience the structure, peace of mind and clarity that a Female Led Relationship will bring.




Are you frustrated with your relationship?

Do you find that no matter what you try you can’t seem to seem to find the correct path?

Are you having a tough time expressing what you want to your partner?

Has your partner asked you for things that you do not believe you can deliver?

Are you afraid of disappointing your partner or driving them away?

Do you want someone to talk with who respects and understands non traditional relationship types like polyamory, kink, BDSM and Female Led Marriages?

Do you have an issue that you believe can be resolved with a mediator?

Female Led Marriage

Support For Your Female Led Relationship or Female Led Marriage

Designed for COUPLES, this program offers Private Coaching Sessions with Te-Erika Patterson, the author of She Wants and How to Love a Powerful Woman. She will listen to your issue and provide instant guidance for resolving your problem in a way that reflects love and helps you to bond more effectively.


One on One Private Coaching Session – 1 Session

Do you have just one issue that you need help to clarify? Is there something that is confusing you that you can’t quite put your finger on? Would you like a mediator to help you identify and confront your relationship issues with special care?

Schedule one (1) session with the Loving FLR Coach at your convenience and gain the clarity you need in just one hour.

FLR Coaching for COUPLES Program – 4-8 Weeks

Are you and your partner at the beginning stages of creating a Female Led Relationship? Are you trying to add spice to your relationship sexually and emotionally? Do you want someone to share objective opinions about the issues that you face?

The FLR Coaching for COUPLES Program is designed to walk you through introducing the concepts of a LOVING, Female Led Relationship into your life. With six (6) recurring weekly sessions, scheduled in advance at your convenience  you will be guided in creating the Loving FLR that is right for you.

8 Week Program – Couples will receive:

2 (Two) Private Sessions for the Woman

2 (Two) Private Sessions for the Gentleman

2 (Two) Private Couples Sessions

1 (One) Follow- Up Session

SCHEDULED AT YOUR CONVENIENCE over the course of 8 weeks.


4 Week Program – Couples will receive:

1 (One) Private Session for the Woman

1 (One) Private Session for the Gentleman

2 (Two) Private Couples Sessions

1 (One) Follow- Up Session

SCHEDULED AT YOUR CONVENIENCE over the course of 4 weeks.



Each session will be one hour long and can be scheduled at your convenience. There are no time zone restrictions. Worldwide participants are welcome. Coaching sessions are in English only.

After your payment is processed, you will be sent a link to the intake form. You will then specify your top 3 choices for a meeting time. You will also offer details of the issues you would like to discuss during our web meeting. We will meet privately via webcam (or audio if you’re shy) to discuss your issues for up to one hour.

Your privacy is important and will never be compromised.

You will be respected. You will be understood. You will receive insight and direction for your concerns and you will learn how to proceed to correct them.


All advice offered is for entertainment purposes only. The Loving FLR Coach will not be held liable for any emotional distress caused by our coaching session. I am not a therapist. Please consult a mental health professional if you believe you are suffering from mental health issues.

There are no refunds issued at any time.

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