FLR Anchor Training For Men


Men who desire a Loving Female Led Relationship should understand where to begin. This classic course explains the many mistakes and pitfalls men make as well as offers the direction they need to move forward with preparing for a Female Led Relationship. This course was recorded LIVE from a real FLR Men’s Training Program and is offered in its entirety.



The CLASSIC Becoming an Anchor in a Female Led Relationship course was created during LIVE Training Sessions and recorded for your benefit so that you can access the wisdom gained from researching, interviewing and coaching couples in REAL Female Led Relationships.

During our online FLR Anchor Training Course For Men you will learn:

  • How Powerful women like to be approached
  • What you are doing WRONG when interacting with Powerful Women
  • How to recognize a Powerful Woman
  • How to stop feeling ashamed of being submissive and wanting a FLR
  • How Powerful women feel about a man’s financial status
  • The physical characteristics that are important to Powerful women
  • The most important thing a man can do to earn a Powerful woman’s trust
  • Your responsibilities in a Female Led Relationship
  • When is the right time to tell her about your kinks
  • How to approach a Powerful woman online
  • 5 Ways to introduce your wife or girlfriend to a Female Led Relationship without scaring her
  • How to turn any relationship into a Female Led Relationship
  • (All answers are based on our EXCLUSIVE survey of dominant women)
What does this course consist of?
This course has 5 rousing video presentations presented by Te-Erika Patterson, the Publisher of LovingFLR.Com.
Each lecture is between 11-45 minutes long.
Each lecture has a review quiz.
Each lecture has a discussion section.
Mistress Ivey, the author of How To Set Up A FLR, also shares her insights during the lesson 3 on Mistakes Men Make When Seeking a FLR.



Flaunt Your FLR

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