Becoming a Gentleman FLR Coaching Program


Becoming a Gentleman in a Loving FLR LIVE TRAINING is now OPEN!

Get 4 weeks of support from the Publisher of LovingFLR.Com, attention to your personal goals and issues and access to the wisdom of our BEST SELLING Online classes!


Are you ready to become a Gentleman?

If you are tired of daydreaming about a Loving Female Led Relationship and you are ready to stop blocking yourself from having one, this 4 week Training Program is for you!

Men with high standards who want to STOP BEING SELFISH, upgrade their service and release their passionate love for the women in their lives should join this 4 week course.


Week 1 – Are You a Gentleman? Assessment

Week 2- 5 Corrections Every Gentleman Must Make

Week 3- Becoming a Gentleman in the Real World

Week 4- The Gentleman’s Duty 

This course offers Online Access to educational information from the EXPERT on Loving FLRs, access to our BEST SELLING online courses, and the opportunity to have a private meeting with the Publisher of LovingFLR.Com.

This course is PERFECT for intelligent men who want to learn more about FLRs but have busy schedules. Access the educational tools at your convenience and get real time feedback and support.


Learn How To:

  • Become a perfect Gentleman
  • Identify what is holding you back from creating a Loving FLR
  • Ensure that your partner is the happiest woman alive
  • Become a better husband
  • Stop being so selfish
  • Tame your sexual desires
  • Introduce your partner to her leadership abilities
  • Stop sabotaging your relationships
  • Stop focusing on yourself and damaging the relationship
  • Identify potential partners around you
  • Become more confident in your search for a Loving FLR

Course includes:

  • Candid personal insight into the issues that have been troubling you
  • 4 Weekly writing assignments
  • 4 Weekly personal challenges
  • Access to a SECRET Facebook group for participants to turn in assignments and participate in discussions
  • Guided study of the Becoming an Anchor In a FLR Course – $97 value
  • Guided study of the How to Love a Powerful Woman Book – $35 value
  • Guided study of the Kink, Sex and BDSM in Loving FLRs Course- $97 value
  • 1 Private Progress Meeting with the Coach, scheduled at your convenience, to discuss Course Progress and Personal Goals (optional) – $250 value
  • Unlimited Private Access to the Coach to address any personal goals or issues for the duration of the program – $300 value


Students will be added to the SECRET Facebook group to review the course curriculum and receive their first assignments.

Assignments are due each Saturday and feedback will be given.

Assignments will range from written assignments to real world interactions.

Some assignments will come from our BEST SELLING classes in the Loving FLR Academy which you will have access to for the duration of the program.

The SECRET Facebook Group can not be found on Facebook at all and no one will have access except those who choose to participate.

Students may arrange 1 (one) hour LIVE Progress web conference meeting with the Coach during the program at their convenience. During this private meeting, students may ask questions, share details of personal issues and get one on one feedback and support from a loving woman with high standards.

There is no need to second guess yourself. Interact with a REAL POWERFUL WOMAN and learn how to BECOME A GENTLEMAN who deserves one for yourself!




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