A Manifesto for a Female Led Society

A Manifesto for a Female Led Society is the first public proclamation that we are indeed ready for a monumental shift towards a Female Led Society.





A Manifesto for a Female Led Society is a public declaration that we are ready to embrace a Female Led Society where women are respected as leaders.  This 50 page Female Led Society Manifesto has 5 chapters that explain my plan for structuring a Female Led Society in today’s world.  A Manifesto for a Female Led Society also has a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section that addresses many of the concerns of men and women and a list of the Top 50 Women We Want To Join Our Female Led Society.


As the author of How to Love a Powerful Woman, the leading expert on Loving Female Led Relationships and the FOUNDER of Female Led Society, I am eager to share my vision for what a fair, peaceful, progressive and Female Led World would be like. Will it be easy to achieve? Absolutely not. My vision will require a major overhaul of this world’s attitude towards women and may incite extreme anger due to the government system that I have created to manage our new Female Led Society.

A Manifesto for a Female Led Society explains why we need a Female Led Society, which problems a Female Led Society will fix, what role men will play in a Female Led Society and what we can do to prepare for a Female Led Society right now.

A Manifesto for a Female Led Society answers every single question you submitted about establishing a Female Led Society including:

  • Is the Female Led Society you envision likely a democracy or autocracy?
  • If a society is women led, would they be responsible with the finances?
  • Why has it taken so long for our society to be led by women?
  • What would be the most immediate change that would occur in order to establish a Female Led Society?
  • Can men hold leadership positions in government at all in the new Female Led Society?
  • Should men retain the right to vote, or will only women be allowed to do so?
  • Will men be punished for the transgressions of the past in the new Female Led Society?
  • What are the most important things men should be doing to help bring about a Female Led Society?
  • What will happen if a man commits a crime against a woman in the new Female Led Society?
  • How will the average man react to the proclamation of a Female Led Society?
  • Would it happen organically or by edict, law, or force?


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