Loving Female Led Relationships – For Beginners

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Loving Female Led Relationships: Relationships that Empower Women will redirect the woman’s indoctrination of being a servant of men and allow them to refocus their skills towards leadership in their homes and in society.  You can lead your life and your relationships. You do have what it takes to become an intentional and effective leader.

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Loving Female Led Relationships: Relationships that Empower Women introduces women to the idea that they can and should be leaders in their relationships.



As the facilitator of the Loving FLR Leadership Coaching Program, the author of How to Love a Powerful Woman, the leading expert on Loving Female Led Relationships and the FOUNDER of our Female Led Society, I am eager to help women develop the leadership skills they need to lead their own lives and relationships toward prosperity.

Loving Female Led Relationships: Relationships that Empower Women explains:


  • The benefits of becoming a leader in relationships
  • How our society will benefit from women learning to be leaders in their relationships
  • What holds women back from becoming leaders of their own lives and in relationships
  • Why women who aren’t leaders in their relationships are often dissatisfied
  • How to stop being passive with men
  • How to initiate a Loving FLR with any man
  • How to identify good candidates for a Loving FLR
  • How women can recognize what is sabotaging their relationships
  • How men benefit from your Loving guidance
  • How to gently lead your relationship without being bitchy or changing your personality
  • How to be satisfied in life
  • 9 Laws all Leading Ladies should abide by
  • So much more!


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