I Want My Wife to Be the Leader In Our Relationship

Dear FLR Style,

I am a smart man. I have built a business for myself. I have every quality of a leader yet I want my wife to be the leader of our relationship. I want to give her whatever she wants. I want to do anything I can to please her. I want her to be strong and demanding and expect that I give her the desires of her heart. Knowing that I would please her in every way makes me happier than any other fantasy. How can I introduce the idea of my wife being the leader and taking control of our relationship without being too demanding or upsetting her?



Hi James,

I am pleased that you decided to write in to ask about how you can shift your relationship toward a Loving Female Led Relationship where the woman’s happiness is the priority. You are not alone in your desire. Many men wish they could have a strong and Powerful woman to serve and love.

If you want to transform your relationship into a Loving Female Led Relationship, all you have to do is listen to when she tells you that she wants something and then do it. Men don’t need to make it more complicated than that. A Loving FLR is not a game. It simply means placing her happiness above your own and being delighted to do it.

For my best suggestions for introducing your wife to a Loving FLR take the course How to Introduce a Woman to a Loving FLR Without Scaring Her. These lessons are brief and poignant and will take all of the guesswork out of your approach.

If you want specific ways that you can become a better partner to a Powerful Woman, check out the book How to Love a Powerful Woman. It will teach you how to introduce your wife to a Loving Female Led Relationship and how to use your ego to become a better man, among many other important lesson.

I believe you can have what you want if you don’t try to force your fantasy onto her. If you really want her to lead, ask her what she wants and then do it.

FLR Style

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