FLR Leadership Program Details


The  Loving FLR Leadership Coaching Program is made available to students who are looking for a personal coaching program to help strengthen their confidence and answer any questions about establishing Loving Female Led Relationships.

The number of women participating in each program fluctuates. We usually have an average of 3 students; the biggest class had 6 students which is our maximum number of students. Participation is limited because I want to ensure that each student will have their fair share of personal feedback and attention. If a student enrolls in a course that is already full (6 students), the registration will be held over until our next class. There is no way to predict how many students will be in a particular class in advance.

The FLR Leadership Coaching Class has 4 major components.

1) Private Facebook group- Students can meet each other, post assignments, participate in fun challenges and engage in discussions. Participation in our private Facebook group is required by every student. If you do not have a Facebook profile, you can opt to create one specifically for this course.
2) Weekly LIVE TALKS-  Each week students have the option to chat LIVE via webcam, listen to presentations, share their personal stories and ask questions about developing their FLR. This is not a course where you watch videos and sit quietly, students are expected to engage with the instructor and each other.
3) She Wants Online Study Guide- During the Loving FLR Leadership Coaching Program, we will use the She Wants Online Study Guide throughout the 4 week program.  This course includes the complete text of the print book She Wants, writing assignments and personal challenges that will be posted in the private Facebook group for everyone to read and discuss.
4) Personal Coaching- A personal coaching program is a program where the coach and the student interact consistently. This program is similar to a very relaxed counseling program, with tough personal questions and conversations about sex. Your participation and dedication is expected.
Based on the questions they have expressed during the course and their specific goals for education each student will be offered all information they need to structure their FLRs. No questions are off limits and every question will be answered GUARANTEED.

More Information

The training is based in a private Facebook group where all assignments and discussion take place. The Lead Instructor, Te-Erika, has been described as friendly, generous, encouraging and strict. Class mentors are on hand to encourage discussion.

Students may register and join the private group prior to the course to familiarize yourselves with the platforms we use to communicate and ask questions.

Students will be given extensive assignments, discussions, lectures and writing assignments to help them to dissect the fundamentals behind creating healthy romantic Loving Female Led Relationships centered around LOVE and APPRECIATION.

The instructor will be MODELING a healthy, Loving Female Led Relationship with the students so be prepared to experience it for yourself.

Students will be guided through lessons on self appreciation, sexual domination, harnessing aggression, leadership and becoming a Goddess.

Our goal is to use assignments and challenges to explore a multitude of issues that may arise in a Loving Female Led Relationship so that you will be prepared to tackle any problem.

Participation in all assignments is strongly encouraged. Students will be graded on each assignment and grades will be posted in the group.

Classes are full of lively and respectful discussions where all opinions are welcome.

Humor is strongly encouraged!

 Any questions about the class may be sent to Coaching[at]LovingFLR.Com. ONLY questions about the course will be entertained.


  • Internet access
  • Digital camera or camera phone
  • Working microphone, speakers and webcam to participate in live group web conference calls
  • Facebook profile
  • At least 3 hours per week to complete writing assignments and challenges
  • Positive attitude


Before being given access to the private group, each student is given an assessment form to pinpoint their hopes and goals and problem areas they would like to work on during the training course. Because each course is tailored to meet the needs of each student that registers and the time it takes to structure the lessons, once a student registers there will be no full refunds issued.

Once a student registers she will have until 3 days after the first day of the course begins to withdraw with a 50% refund made available upon request in writing within 24 hours of dropping the course. If the refund request is not made in writing by the 4th day of the class, no refund will be issued. Students who enroll using a scholarship or any discount are ineligible to receive a refund. No refunds will be issued to students who are asked to leave the group for disrespectful behavior or poor effort and participation. Refunds will be issued after 45 days from the refund request.